Transferring from SPC to ITT.

  1. Hello, I am going to be transferring to ITT tech in st. pete. from Saint petersburg college. I had a couple of questions or concerns about itt..

    I have the majority of my prereqs finished, and plan on transferring over them to itt. I have heard of the policy change made at ITT if you get two C's your out. I have gotten one C in Comp I at SPC. when i transfer the credits over do i have to transfer them all or can i leave that one out and retake it at ITT? I am transferring because i was told by SPC that i can only bring my GPA to a 3.700 by time i finish with all prereqs, which would put me at bottom of consideration.

    Also i have heard mixed things about ITT St pete. any good things too say before i sign on the dotted line?
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  3. by   hgrimmett
    I currently attend ITT St Pete. Love the small classes and the instructors, don't love the cost. It's VERY (did I mention VERY) expensive. After the Pell grants are maxed out and any other grants you might be eligible for, the student loans start. They do all the paperwork for you though, so you don't have to worry about dealing with banks and etc. They also will tell you up front what transfer classes they will accept or won't.. bring an unofficial transcript with you when you come to talk to them (print it off the MySPC portal.) You can't choose what SPC will put on your transcripts so ITT will see all your grades. At that point its up to them what they accept for transfer. It's always up to the incoming school. ITT uses quarters, not semesters, so that sometimes affects credits from other schools.

    When I started at ITT last December I was told that if you make a C as a -final- grade in the class, you failed that class. Period. Need 80 or above to pass. You would have to pay to re take that class again, just like SPC. Your Comp I with a C grade likely won't transfer due to that C. You don't need much in the way of pre reqs at ITT either, unlike SPC. Might be because its an ADN program and not an AS/AA.. I don't know. You usually have 2 nursing classes and one gen ed class every quarter (for those who don't have any credits that transfer in, I mean.)

    I do like the school, aside from the cost.. its still an insane amount of studying, but what nursing program isn't? It definitely feels more relaxed there with the small classes and the instructors know your name. I like that.

    Anyway, hope it helps.