The Academy of Nursing (APNO) or Keiser University? HELP!!!!

  1. Hi everybody !

    Has anyone experienced going to school at the Academy of Nursing and Health Occupations (APNO) or Keiser University (both which are located in West Palm Beach) ? I got into the LPN to RN bridge program at APNO, but I am still considering going to Keiser. I been looking all over the internet for legit reviews or ratings for these schools and have been really unsuccessful. I am so frustrated because I am having a very difficult time choosing which school to go to and would GREATLY appreciate any of your opinion on these schools. :bowingpur


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  3. by   hihopes22
    Hi! I am starting Keiser WPB in August. I have heard good things from the students. I walked around with the director of the program and she had me ask some current and graduate nursing students about the program. I did look into ANPHO for my mom at some point because they offered night courses, but the tuition is just as expensive as Keiser and they are not nationally accredited.

    Hope this helps!

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  6. by   NursinginProgress
    Hey there. I received my LPN from the Academy last year. It's a fast paced program and you gotta hang in there. I am in the LPN to RN bridge program at the Academy and it's tough but there's a lot of resources. Not sure about Keiser. Good luck!
  7. by   mmackey78
    Academy for health occupations school is not NLN accredited. Keiser is. Many employers will not hire nurses who don't graduate from schools that are NLN (national league of nursing). I am a new LPN at the VA medical center I was accepted at this school prior to receiving my job offer. I later learned I had to drop out of the program. I cannot work as RN there. Many hospitals have this standard.
  8. by   Heartsong2011
    Did you graduate from ANHO?