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  1. Hi,
    I am planning to relocate to tampa. I would be interested in doing some travel nursing to get a feel of the city then work permanent. But i would not mind if i start at a nice place on a permanent basis..basically, im open to options.
    What is the pay like in tampa, Fl?
    Also what is a better hospital to start from..i have 3 years of surgical (Gen Surg) experience.
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  3. by   ukjenn231
    I relocated to Tampa in this kind of capacity by taking contracts at the Baycare Pool.
    It's like traveling but you actually work for the hospital. They have 13 week+ contracts and it's a very nice system. They even have housing option if you are coming from another area and the pay is great. If you want more details send me a message!
  4. by   dreamworx07
    Are you working their mobile pool or casual pool? Are you getting full time hours, and how much are you floating between facilities? How is baycare to work for? Thanks!!
  5. by   ukjenn231
    I do mobile pool, I do contracts and am guaranteed 60 hrs every two weeks. I am scheduled for 72 hrs every two weeks. From Sept-May I rarely got cancelled but since May I have been cancelled the 12 hrs most of the time. I also got floated quite a bit between facilities during the slow summer season, but I found that all the facilities are easy to go between and the staff treated me well. I love the mobile pool for the fact that I get to experience so much different stuff...
  6. by   hodgieRN
    St Joseph's, Memorial, Tampa General, and Florida Hospital are the main places in Tampa. TGH is a level one trauma center and St Joes is a level two. I'm not sure what the hourly rate is now-a-days, but probably a $2-4 over the base salary(with your experience). The hospitals should list the base salaries online under human resources. Mobile pool gets some sweet contract deals. But the good thing is there are a lot of great hospitals in the Tampa area. There are also some hospitals across the bay in St. Pete, which is only a 30-40 min ride across the bridge. There are a lot of options. The one bad thing is that hiring has been slow due to the economy. Staffing positions are starting to open up, but you may not find the position you want in the beginning. It obviously depends on the floor you want. I'm not sure about the positions in mobile pool, but we did cut back on some of the contracts compared to a couple years ago. However, it's nothing like 2 years ago when we where basically in a hiring freeze. I am seeing more mobile pool nowadays, which is a good thing. Just wanted to let you know