Tallahassee Community College Spring '13 Applicants

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    I'm starting this thread to try and connect with anyone who may be applying for TCC's Nursing program for Spring of 2013. I just applied yesterday, and I'm nervous!

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    I applied and took my HESI A2 yesterday! I'm so nervous and scared that I'm going to be rejected. A&P were hard classes for me so I dont have the greatest pre-req GPA. I spoke with the head of the nursing department yesterday after I submitted my application and I got really discouraged afterwards. They are accepting 48 students and so far the GPAs have been between a 3.48 and 3.64. With the HESI A2 scores being between 92.17 and 94.03. In my eyes that's a small window and I don't fall into it. Let me know how you are doing...
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    I wonder if you were in my HESI testing group? 2:30 at TCC Wednesday?

    Anyway, my GPA is not good at all. So I was relying on my HESI score to supplement it. My cumulative score ended up being a 94.5, which I'm pretty happy with. The lowest I got in a section was a 90.

    So, tallied up I have 141 out of the 160 possible points for admission. ...How many do you have? (They give instructions on how to tally your points on the TCC nursing website.)

    It'll at least be nice to have someone to go through this with! The suspense is awful. Plus like you said, I also talked to the head of Nursing yesterday, and she wasn't very reassuring...
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    Yeah my pre-req GPA is bad, got a 3.086(normal gpa is 3.46). Out of the total 160 I THINK I have a 138. I thought it was 141 aswell but then I figured out I was using the wrong GPA. With the 138 I'm fairly certain I won't even be wait listed. I can only hope I get wait listed...My family and friends don't understand how competive the program is and it gets annoying. Ive been in a bad mood the last couple days because of it.
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    TELL me about it! That's the same boat I'm in!
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    I just applied. My pre req GPA is 3.36 and i got an 89% on the HESI. After all that I have 140.6/160 toward acceptance. I hope that's enough but, that average GPA and HESI score has now scared me a bit. Not that I wasn't already nervous. Ugh! Good luck everyone!
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    Looks like we got the same HESI score. I got a 89% overall, with a 92 on math and reading and a 82 on Vocab with a 90 on grammar. I was so upset with my Vocab score! Math is my bad subject and I have always done well with reading/Vocab. I'm praying I can somehow make it as an alternate with these scores....
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    Well, let's all stay in touch in this post so we can at least get through these 4 to 8 weeks of waiting together!
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    Does anyone know when they will begin sending out responses? I have several big events planned in October and I'm stress that I'll find out its a "no" an ill be to depressed to do anything. In the mean time I'm trying to full my days with school. So are y'all taking any courses at TCC this semester?

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