SPC Spring 2013 hopeful, anyone else biting their nails?!?! - page 15

I will be sending my official Spring 2013 app in on 7/20! All pre-reqs completed except for micro (which I am already registered for in the fall before the program would begin), and a GPA of 3.78 on my pre-reqs. Wish I hadn't... Read More

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    SPC2012 - just bring a notebook, a couple of pens, and if you want to - your recorder. Once you receive your calendar you know which books to bring on what days...for level 1 it seems like you're always bringing at least 2 or 3 books every day. Good luck!

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    Spc2012 of you log on to Angel there should be a message. It said to bring your nursing fundamentals textbook.
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    I am freaking out because i was registered to take my ATI test last thursday but i didnt get off from work in time to be there by 8am. I checked on Angel to see if there was another test date to sign up for and that was the final testing date!!!! and also i have no uploaded ANY of my forms on the certifiedbackground.com site because i have no scanner/copyier. Am i totally screwed?? do you guys think they will drop me from the program?
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    Terecil - contact the nursing office, or go there bright and early Monday morning. Not sure if you know where the nursing office is, but its upstairs, go down the long hallway from the stairs to the back, hang a right and its on the left. They'll let you know what to do, but I suggest going to the library to scan your forms. They're not going to drop you from the program, but you need to get everything together and try and get as much done as you can before your first day.
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    Hi, I just got accepted into the January 2014 program. Is there anyone who can give me a little info on the admissions process including background checks/drug screenings and program times?
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    I go to orientation wed for my jobs program through spc for the 2014 spring program we wont know until Friday if we are selected if we are spc orientation on the 21 im nervous and excited!

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