Seminole State - UCF Concurrent BSN Spring 2013 - page 6

Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. Iím done with my prerequisites and preparing the take the TEAS now. I'm excited... Read More

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    No, sorry. It was a forum from fall 2012 applicants.

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    I had read on other threads also that, in some cases people have been accepted although they were still finishing up pre reqs. i personally think it all depends on the competition, and who is all applying during the same time, and what they all have to offer. I also emailed the nursing staff yesterday, and she had told me that we will hear back 6-8 weeks after september 13. but i thought concurrent was 4-6 weeks? this sucks lol
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    They started sending out emails.. I'm an alternate :/
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    guys!! they emailed us! check your emails!! i was put on the waitlist...... not sure if i should be excited or not
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    @berick... me too. idk how to react lol
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    I got in to both programs!!!! I am still finishing UCF prereqs...and get my AA in December.
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    Honestly I wasnt thinking I'd even get in bc I have a bad overall GPA due to my pervious major which was engineering. So Im thankful that I got waitlisted.. Really really hope to get in though.
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    honestly same with me, i was so scared i wasnt going to get in because i am in my last pre-req still and i kniow they look at that heavily! so i am thankful too i was waitlisted... i emailed the nursing staff to see how many people were waitlisted,maybe we can get a number? did they tell you what number on the waitlist you were? they didnt tell me... but how big of a list do you think it is? lol idk how to take this!
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    OMG I didn't even want to open the email...but I got accepted into both!! Thank You God!
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    Congrats to those who got in!!! Just a question... when is your deadline to RSVP?! Im trying to figure out a close date on when they will start to contact alternatives... thanks guys!

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