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Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. I'm done with my prerequisites and preparing the... Read More

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    Whhoops just saw that you mentioned she is taking now...
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    She is taking it now. I think it was just a half semester class though.
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    For some reason I was under the impression that we are supposed to get a letter from SSC and an email from UCF. Did you get an email from both? If so I need to start checking my SSC email account again =)
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    I got an email from both schools within hours of each other. A letter came a few days later.
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    Thanks for letting me know, I will keep checking my ssc live account then. I had not even thought to look there! How are you enjoying the program? What is your schedule like?
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    It's so hard to tell you what my schedule is like. In the beginning there are quite a few lab days along with lecture and clinical times. It always used to irritate me when I would ask someone what their schedule was like and they were kind of aloof about it, but now I realize that it's too complicated to say a lot of the time! Clinicals can be on the weekend, night, day or during the week. It just depends. Your first 6 weeks will be hard. Trying to get your schedule in order can be daunting, but it isn't always going to be like that. Right now we are taking peds and mental health. Both classes have clinical requirements, so there have been times where I have had 3 in one week, but not every week, depending on which clinical group you are assigned. My best advice for you is to be organized right from the beginning. Make sure you have a calendar that you put your schedule on. I keep mine electronically, but some people carry a book around with them, so it all depends on your preference.
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    I check my email every 10 minutes haha. I hope we hear back soon!! It's been a lil over 4 weeks
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    Thank you for the advise. I will probably use the organizer on my netbook. I am trying not to check my email every 10 minutes, I am holding back and its taking everything I have lol =D
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    Hahaha I know. I can't wait to know but at the same time I don't wanna know! Lol
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    When did everybody finish their last pre-requisites? I was reading another thread and they were saying that most people had completed 2 years prior to being accepted?
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    I finished my last pre req in Fall 2011. Is there another forum discussion about our group that are applying for SSC/UCF for Spring of 2013?
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    No, sorry. It was a forum from fall 2012 applicants.
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    I had read on other threads also that, in some cases people have been accepted although they were still finishing up pre reqs. i personally think it all depends on the competition, and who is all applying during the same time, and what they all have to offer. I also emailed the nursing staff yesterday, and she had told me that we will hear back 6-8 weeks after september 13. but i thought concurrent was 4-6 weeks? this sucks lol

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