Seminole State - UCF Concurrent BSN Spring 2013 - page 3

Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. I'm done with my prerequisites and preparing the... Read More

  1. by   LivingADream
    You're Welcome [COLOR=#003366]vtijerino! I hope we do find out soon! I can't wait any longer this is killing me LOL!!! I applied on Sept 11th so today marks 4 weeks for me! So EXCITED!! =D
  2. by   dawniepoo
    Good luck you guys! I'm in my third semester and loving it!
  3. by   jv713
    So are we supposed to get an email? Or letter in the mail?!
  4. by   dawniepoo
    Quote from jackievictoria713
    So are we supposed to get an email? Or letter in the mail?!
    I think most if us got emails from both programs. I was on the alternate list so I got a phone call from UCF first when a slot came open.
  5. by   jv713
    Hmmm are u in the concurrent program?! Because I thought there wasn't a "wait list" But I don't know why there wouldn't be, because if someone who got accepted declined their spot, it should go to someone next in line I would think?
  6. by   dawniepoo
    No, what I meant by a wait list, I meant I was an alternate.
  7. by   jv713
    Oh okayyy so then u were accepted into the concurrent?! Oh boy.. So u had to wait even longer to find out I bet u were going crazy lol
  8. by   dawniepoo
    uh, I had to wait a long time. I was accepted on the last possible day. I almost fainted when i got that phone call telling me I had to be at orientation the next day! That was last December and everyone else got their acceptance letters in October. It was so worth the wait though.
  9. by   jv713
    Haha oh boy... well then it was Ment to be just a question.. Do u know of any classmates that were accepted that were still finishing their last pre req when they applied?! I'm freaking out
  10. by   dawniepoo
    No. I believe everyone was finished and unless the criteria has changed, they go by GPA, TEAS, and the date you complete your pre-reqs. I think they use the date as a tie-breaker if memory serves. It depends on how many people have applied and the qualifications for each applicant. If there are 100 applicants who meet all the criteria, then they will pick the applicants who finished their pre-reqs first. Are you still completing your pre-reqs?
  11. by   jv713
    Hmmm well I am taking human nutrition, that is my last pre req! I was super mad I had to retake it, Cus I had already taken it in Daytona a year ago. A UCF advisor told me false info, and when I went to a SSC nursing session I found out I took the wrong human nutrition > but my GPA is 3.67 overall, 4.0 recalculated and TEAS 78.7 :/
  12. by   dawniepoo
    Actually, one of my friends who is also in the concurrent program was forced to take another nutrition class, which she is taking now. I'm not sure what the problem was with her old nutrition class, but thankfully it worked out for her. I really hope it works out for you too!
  13. by   jv713
    Wow they made her take a different nutrition class while she was in the program?! Or before entering....
    I know, i wish they knew what they were talking about 100% before they tell the students one thing, it got my hopes up!