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Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. Iím done with my prerequisites and preparing the take the TEAS now. I'm excited... Read More

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    Thanks for sharing LivingADream! Any specific info about their selection process for the concurrent program vs ssc's process?
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    Well I just looked backed in the forum and found that their deadline to submit their application was Friday, September 23, 2011, a little later than us. November 7 would have been just a few days over 6 weeks. I am going to count on right around 6 weeks then. I hope I am right!!
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    @travelprincess... Yes I was re-reading threw the old posts, and saw what someone said about how they found out the first week of November. But our deadline for Spring 2013 was a little bit earlier... SO, we should be finding out within the next couple of weeks?! I need to knowwwwww lol
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    LOL... it's painful having to wait around for a decision. I'm only giving this one shot though. I refuse to wait around a few months and apply again to the program in the event that I get a rejection letter. I will just enter Med. school if that happens. I just hope we get a decision in time for early registration next semester just in case. LOL.
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    I actually just was looking through last year's posts again and saw that they found out Oct. 21st! That would be exactly 4 weeks! Wow! This means we could find out as early as this week! Yikes!
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    You're Welcome [COLOR=#003366]vtijerino[/COLOR]! I hope we do find out soon! I can't wait any longer this is killing me LOL!!! I applied on Sept 11th so today marks 4 weeks for me! So EXCITED!! =D
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    Good luck you guys! I'm in my third semester and loving it!
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    So are we supposed to get an email? Or letter in the mail?!
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    Quote from jackievictoria713
    So are we supposed to get an email? Or letter in the mail?!
    I think most if us got emails from both programs. I was on the alternate list so I got a phone call from UCF first when a slot came open.

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