Seminole State - UCF Concurrent BSN Spring 2013 - page 8

Hello everyone that is applying in September for the SSC/UCF program. I wanted to start a board to communicate with the spring 2013 applicants. I'm done with my prerequisites and preparing the... Read More

  1. by   LivingADream
    uggg sick of waiting on this stupid list lol
  2. by   LivingADream
    Just to let everyone know, I spoke to Alton in the nursing dept at UCF, he said there are 34 of us on the alternate list. But they wont tell us where we rank on the list.
  3. by   jv713
    Thanks for that info! Has anyone gotten a call? I'm so sick of waiting.. I'm starting to feel a lil hopeless. I mean, I thought there would be way more on the alternate list, so I guess that is better news lol
  4. by   Stacilator
    Hey everyone- I've been keeping tabs on this stream for a while, but just now got around to joining. I applied to the Spring 2013 Concurrent program as well, and was placed on the wait list. It is very frustrating- I couldn't get any hints from either side, and I think I may have annoyed a few of them, so I hope that doesn't hurt my chances for getting off the list : /. It doesn't seem like they release any information anymore- not even if they've started using the list at all!

    Good luck to everyone! I hope to hear that a few people get off the list at least!
  5. by   dlei
    No call here either. A friend of mine who started this Fall said that a few of his class got in off the waitlist, but each semester is different :/

    Anyone look into applying to UCF in Fall yet? Not to go off topic, but it appears they are doing interviews (as expected) and they also require you to complete the background check with your application! Thought I'd share.
  6. by   jv713
    :/ I wonder if it'll be UCF or Seminole who does callAnd yes I heard about the interviews too. I honestly think it is a good idea how about you ? Because of so many drop outs, it's irritating because you wish you had their seat
  7. by   Stacilator
    I think the interviews are good. With so many competitive people applying, it's good to get any opportunity to stick out, right? Has anyone hear what types of questions they ask? It it a one on one?
  8. by   IndecisiveInMiami
    HI everyone. I'm not sure if anyone is still posting on this thread, but I just wanted to know if someone could tell me about seminole state. I am in Miami and have applied to the Respiratory Care program there. It's really the only other program in this state that I will have a good chance of getting accepted into for the August program since I have my requirements met for them. I will probably be getting into Miami Dade program, and hopefully the one there at Semiole. But I have no idea about the program, or the school.

    Does it have a good rep for being a good school with good teachers, good programs, good career placement, good clinical sites etc. ?
    It's hard to find information regarding these thigns when you don't live in the city. I'm going to be going up to Orlando at the end of May and hope to check it out. My program is at the Almonte Springs campus. If anyone can tell me anything about the school, that would be great.

    Oh and I will need to find a place and probably a roommate if anyone knows anyone!! haha!
  9. by   rn-in-progress2013
    I got in the waitpool so there's still hope for me! For those who got accepted, could you let me know the specific requirements you have to turn in such CPR, vaccines etc so I can get started on them?
    congrats to all accepted!
  10. by   kabooski
    Hello? Anybody who happens to read this and started in spring, can you please share with me the syllabus for Fun and Pharm

    or PM me what chapters where on the first test of both.... Thanks in Advance...