Seminole State - UCF Concurrent Program Fall 2012

  1. Hi everyone, thought I would start a support group for the SSC/UCF Concurrent Program starting Fall 2012 hopefuls Is everyone getting their applications ready for submission... the deadline is approaching quickly!
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  3. by   ery_004
    I'm applying to ucf/ssc concurrent program as well! Getting that application folder ready and making sure everything is squared away for both schools!
  4. by   tcamp
    Hey I will be applying for the SSC/UCF program as well! I am constantly stalking UCF and SSC websites to make sure I have everything that I need. I am taking the TEAS this weekend! also does anyone know if you have to turn in the application by hand, or if i can mail it?
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  5. by   BlueSkies8263
    I am pretty sure you have to go to one of the SSC campuses and turn in their application. The UCF application is completely online. Goodluck on your TEAS!
  6. by   gracenkyliesmom
    I am also applying for the SSC/UCF concurrent, as well as the UCF BSN program. I applied for the SSC ASN program last year and was denied, so here is to hoping for good luck. I can tell you that I think Seminole only accepts applications turned in by hand (at least that is how it was last year). I just requested the UCF concurrent application today, originally I was just going to apply to Valencia but the website says they are now taking applications to start in 2014, eek! What has everyone's GPA and TEAS scores been so far and when did you complete your last pre-requisite?
  7. by   BlueSkies8263
    I am applying to UCF, SSC, and Valencia! Pre-req GPA for SSC Concurrent is 3.45, Teas 86%, Finished last pre-req Fall 2011 What about everyone else?
  8. by   gracenkyliesmom
    I am still trying to figure out how to apply to Valencia's program for the concurrent. Last I heard the concurrent program at Valencia was by invitation only. My GPA is a 4.0, last pre-req for Seminole was completed Fall 2011 (due to what Humanities classes they accept). Made an 84% on the TEAS V.
  9. by   BlueSkies8263

    how did your stats look like last year compared to this year? looks like you have a good chance this time!
  10. by   gracenkyliesmom
    Last year I had a 4.0 and tried to use an Intro to Humanities course (not knowing it was not part of section A or B), and I scored a 78% on the TEAS V, but I was not applying for the concurrent. Before I applied I talked to the advisor at Seminole and they told me I did not have a good shot getting in (at that point). Hopefully now that I have done a TEAS retake and I will have a general AA degree before entering, I will have a better shot this year. In fact, it was just yesterday that I received the general UCF acceptance, so that is at least one requirement down that I don't have to worry about.
  11. by   BlueSkies8263
    Sounds like you have a real good chance now Do you know if you can be denied into Valencias program? Or everyone who meets minimum requirements just gets waitlisted?
  12. by   gracenkyliesmom
    At Valencia you get waitlisted if you meet the requirements. However, I have heard if you apply to UCF and do not get into the program they could invite you to Valencia's concurrent program. The catch to Valencia's concurrent program is that to apply for it you have to be invited by UCF.
  13. by   BlueSkies8263
    Ooo ok, yeah that's what I heard.. you can only get into the Valencia Concurrent through invitation by UCF only. Seminole State Deadlines in a week people!
  14. by   mary0508
    Quote from BlueSkies8263
    Ooo ok, yeah that's what I heard.. you can only get into the Valencia Concurrent through invitation by UCF only. Seminole State Deadlines in a week people!
    Tell me about it! we also have to wait for a response too! My head is hurting already!