Santa Fe College LPN 2013 hopefuls

  1. Hey guys! I've been looking for a thread on students trying to get into the LPN/Practical Nursing program at Santa Fe College and I haven't come upon one yet so I figured I'd make one! I took the KAPLAN yesterday and just applied today. I am going to turn in my other paperwork on friday. I know it's last minute but I just decided this week that I am going to apply for this program, before I was just wanting to do the ASN/RN program. Anyways, if you've applied or are going to apply, then go ahead and join this thread. It'd be nice to talk to other people about it. And don't forget that the application deadline is February 15th! Hope to talk to y'all soon!
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  3. by   sappa
    I am also applying to the LPN @ SFC for 2013. I was originally planning on applying to the ASN/RN but I am just not sure I'll get in. I'm not sure I'll get in this either... Do you have any information about the LPN-RN bridge program? I heard that you have to work a year as an LPN before you can qualify for the program. I wonder what the average amount of points are for people who get accepted into this program.
  4. by   LPNhopefullSFC
    yeah i've taken all of the point classes for the LPN except anatomy and physiology. I've taken A&P1 but im currently in A&PII so theyre not going to count it. i decided for this one because i didnt think id make it into the RN as well. my GPA isnt that great, but i was in the Academy of Health Professions at my high school and have my CNA so i'm hoping itll help.
    i havent heard much about the bridge. i saw one post on here in 2003 i think from a professor that said you have to work 6 months, but then i saw someone else say 1 year so i'm not sure. i really wish they would put more info about it up.
    i'm wondering about the average of points for accepted LPN students too. theres a lot of pages about the RN program on here where people have posted how many points they got and if they got denied/accepted, but i havent found any pages for the LPN program.
  5. by   sappa
    Same boat here, GPA is lacking. I am missing the military and CNA points, also missing alot of points from bad grades in some of the other courses (ENC1101 ect.) Oh well, I guess we'll see what happens. Fingers crossed!
  6. by   LPNhopefullSFC
    yeah i dual enrolled my senior year of highschool and failed an american politics. i'm hoping they'll see that i was still in highschool then and also see that i'm retaking it this semester for grade forgiveness.
  7. by   LPNhopefullSFC
    do you have any idea about how long it takes for them to send out acceptance/denial letters?
  8. by   sappa
    The guy I talked to said we would know by March 15. I really hope I get in!
  9. by   LPNhopefullSFC
    thats faster than i thought but its gonna come sooooo slow! i hope so as well. good luck to you and let me know how it turns out!
  10. by   sappa
    Of course! Good luck!
  11. by   LPNhopefullSFC
    did you get your letter yet? i got in!
  12. by   khall23
    Congrats! I applied but have not received my letter yet. How many points did you have?
  13. by   karenflrz
    Does anyone know which immunizations are required? Or how much a titer is? I got in but do not have vaccine records.
  14. by   khall23