Santa Fe College ASN 2013 - page 7

Anyone else applying to Santa Fe in Florida for 2013?... Read More

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    How many points did you have jriver??

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    Omg I got in!!!!!!! I had 75 points and this was my second time applying.
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    My letter didn't come today because I'm in orlando! I have to wait until Monday! congrats UF!!
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    I think I had around 70
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    JUST GOT MY LETTER! AND I got accepted! I'm really sorry for all those who don't, but take it from me, don't give up. This was my second year applying after getting my CNA certification, and taking every single class for points.

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    Congrats Ian!!!
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    Thank you SFChopeful, good luck when you get yours. I'm sorry you know they are out there. I'm sure the wait is going to be unbearable.
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    You have no idea Ian, at the bar now!
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    Haha, I had to get a case of beer as well just to celebrate.
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    You deserve it!

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