Roll Call-November 2012 LPN Program at Galen College in Tampa - page 2

Hey future nurses! I figured it would be good to start a topic for anyone applying for the November start of the LPN program at Galen in Tampa. :) I am taking the evening classes and will be taking... Read More

  1. by   shamrokks
    Well I'm glad to see at least someone posting on here from Galen in Tampa. I start the LPN to RN bridge in January 2013 but no one is responding to a topic I started asking for others, lol. I feel so alone and isolated.
  2. by   Red35

    I might start the LPN program in January. I currently am in an RN program and it isn't what I want at this time. Can you give me any pointers for the PAX exam?
  3. by   shamrokks
    I studied a book that Galen let me borrow. I didn't find it to be that hard but I also just finished my pre-requisites recently so my math and science were pretty fresh in my head. The PAX was pretty basic. Good luck and let me know what you end up doing.
  4. by   Red35

    Yay! I'll let you know....I took the HESI exam at another school and was told it is similar-I may just take it next week-if I fail I can retake in 60 days...which would mean staying at my current school for another quarter-
  5. by   MurrayJ
    Hi All!!
    Can anyone tell me what the schedule was like for Galen's LPN Day program?

    Thank you! I hope you all went on to become amazing nurses