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    i have recently decided to apply for the lpn program offered at ptec for august 2010 mornings at clearwater [which i am a little hesitant about since i have read the clearwater campus is disorganized]. i know how invaluable the information posted on other threads [from previous classes] has been for me, so, i have decided to document my experiences to the application process. hope this helps!

    fyi the reason i have decided to go down this path is partly due to my current job status. i am currently working part time at a restaurant. although i do not have a family of my own, and currently live with my parents, i want to establish a flexible but stable career. because of this, i have turned to the medical field. i have currently finished my cna training at the red cross. immediately after finishing i applied and got hired to work for a home health agency. i am currently waiting to take my cna license exam [on may 3]. although i know i should be grateful for the opportunities i have received, i have way too much ambition so i have decided to move forward and become at least an rn. however, i have read that jumping straight into rn at spc is like winning the lottery! so instead i have decided to go down an "easier" path.

    my plan to get into ptec's lpn program -

    i have decided to apply to their cna program first [con - i would have to spend time (cna program starts in june and hopefully finishes before the lpn programs starts *not verified*) and money just to get an extra point in the admission process. pro - i get to skip "two months" of the lpn program since the cna courses are the same beginning courses of lpn program *not verified*]

    second, i have decided to apply to earn as you learn at baycare since ptec holds spots for eayl students. *not verified* [con - there are more requirements to the eayl. i would have to sign a three year contract with baycare. i have to start working as soon as i get my cna license (hopefully soon!) "cna license to begin your work commitment the week following
    orientation no guarantee of location or shift" and will have to work at least one day on the weekend and on major holidays. pro - eayl covers tuition, books, while pay you $175 each week! and will guarantee you three years off work!!! (no where else are you guaranteed a job and for that long)]

    third, i have previous experience for working in this field.

    fourth, i am a guy and at one point i think they also gave you some credit for this. *not verified*

    to-do list -

    apply to eayl
    take the tabe and pass with 11 grade+ $15
    go to first eayl interview
    apply to ptec cna
    meet with a counselor
    pay deposit for cna $50
    take teas and pass with a 70+ $ 32.50
    go to mandatory meeting may 18, 2010
    complete and pay background check $48.50
    submit hs diploma
    submit immunization records
    submit lpn application

    thanks for following my thought process! i will post updates as i complete my to-do list.

    -- i applied sunday to eayl baycare job post 49242 - nursing assistant - non-certified today 4/26/10 got this reply:

    baycare job application

    dear applicant:
    thank you for your interest in the dr. george morris earn-as-you-learn lpn program. education for the lpn eayl program is provided by ptec. classes begin august 24, 2010.
    you must attend a mandatory admissions seminar on tuesday, may 18 at 5pm at the ptec st. petersburg campus. the address is 901 34th st. south, st. petersburg, fl 33711. students must pre-register online on ptec’s website, for the seminar.
    the requirements to be eligible for lpn eayl program are a high school diploma or ged, tabe test level a with a score of 11 or higher and teas test with a score of at least 70%.
    the lpn earn-as-you-learn selection process consists of two interviews. to be eligible for the first eayl interview, you must have taken the tabe level a test and score 11 or higher or an aa degree/higher. you do not need to take the tabe test if you have aa degree or higher. please fax your tabe test along with you high school diploma/ged or college diploma by may 17 to:
    attention: ***** ******
    fax number *** *** ****
    it’s important to take the tabe test as soon as possible to be eligible in the selection process. you will be contacted within several days upon receipt of your fax if you are selected for the 1st interview.
    to be eligible for the 2nd interview, you must have taken the teas test and score at least 70%.
    for information on ptec’s lpn program, please visit ptecs website,, click on nursing information. please review the information on all pages prior to attending the mandatory seminar on may 18.
    thank you for your interest in the dr. george morris eayl lpn program.
    ***** ******
    confidential: this electronic message and all contents contain information
    from baycare health system which may be privileged,confidential or otherwise
    protected from disclosure. the information is intended to be for the addressee
    only. if you are not the addressee, any disclosure, copy, distribution or use
    of the contents of this message is prohibited. if you have received this
    electronic message in error, please notify the sender and destroy the original
    message and all copies.
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    -- Today I went to take to apply at ptec and take the tabe test. I went to the clearwater campus around 7 am. First I was asked to go to building 10 and pay the 15 app fee. I filled in personal information, payed and got my receipt. I also had to show my id [drivers license]. Then I went to building 1 to take my tabe test. I started around 7:30 and finished at 8:30. I hadn't studied but scored 12.9 on all four sections [reading comp, math, applied math, and language]. I didnt have trouble for most questions [I think my memory was still fresh since i've only been out of school 3 yrs.]. I did have to retake the language [on paper] since on my first attempt I scored 8.9. I got the scores and went to guidance [building 10] and talked to the counselor. Basiclly she repeated everything thats on the website for lpn. She told me to move on to the TEAS test.

    --Around 4:30 I sent my tabe scores to ***** and I am waiting for a reply.

    --Around 6 pm I arrived at PTEC St. Pete and went to apply for CNA at the guidance office. I spoke to **** and he told me that it would be a waste of money for me to apply for CNA if I was going to LPN. I explained the selection process was difficult and very selective and that I wanted to cover my bases and get that extra 1 point on the app scoring. He told me that I was worrying to much and that as long as I followed the direction to the T and score high on TEAS that I had nothing to worry about. He did drop some crucial bits of info. First he said that ****** **** in no longer with PTEC and to ask for Ms. *****. Second he told me that at St. Pete they where taking 60 lpn students plus the spots at Clwr. Next he told me that now it *may* be possible to apply for both CLWR and St. Pete LPN programs *may* but that I should verfy this with Ms. *****. I am not sure how this would affect my EAYL if at all. Finally I got some more info on the TEAS. I was told to look for study guides for the TEAS [most common online]. I was told to prepare especially well for the science section. Also I was told that the TEAS can be taken twice with a wait of a month from former test date. If one should decide to retake a third time the waiting period is a year. Therefore I was suggested to score well on first attempt. Although I didnt sign up for CNA I did leave all my documents at St. Pete should I change my mind [Hope I dont regret forfeiting that 1 point!]

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    Hmmm...Not sure how I feel about his advice on you dropping the CNA course. I graduated from PTEC last year and I know during my selection process those who has completed CORE and CNA were awarded extra points for entry. They also were able to skip that portion of the LPN course. I had heard a *rumor* that they may still require PTEC CNA grads to start from the beginning but they still reward points. Ultimately you have to decide how valuable this is to you. Also you have to consider the length of the CNA class. I think it last several months so it may run into start date of LPN program.

    Now on the other spectrum, I had not completed either of the courses and got in just fine. But then I scored relatively high on the TEAS (> 90%) and had medical background so...

    You will get a point for being male as they consider you a nontraditional student.

    Im sorry to hear that ****** **** is gone as she was such a great resource. But I think your decision to do PTEC is fine. Yes its disorganized and it was a major frustration, but I got an education and pretty much everyone is my class who has taken the NCLEX so far has passed. Best of all, I didnt have to go in debt in order to complete the program. Good Luck to you
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    I really want to get into the class also i prob wont be able to do the aug class dose anyone know when the next classes start
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    Quote from erica!
    I really want to get into the class also i prob wont be able to do the aug class dose anyone know when the next classes start

    Next class will be either October or January. Just keep an eye out.
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    Thanks, do you have to apply for the cna first or is that your goal I wanted to do the aug class but i wont be able to because i take my ged may26 and i probably wont get my scores back on time.Butt i would love to.
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    Dose anyone know what version of the teas test you take
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    -- Update-

    ); I falied the skills section of my CNA test yesterday! Anyway... I think I will take the cna at ptec after this but I will ask Ms. ***** about schedule conflicts. Thanks LMT2LPN for the info on ptec cna class credit and nontraditional student. As far as EAYL is concerned I got this e-mail -

    earn as you learn

    I have been trying to reach you and have left 2 voice mails regarding the Earn As You Learn program you have applied to. I’d like to set up an interview. Please contact me at the number below at your earliest convenience. Thank you and have a nice day.

    Confidential: This electronic message and all contents contain information
    from BayCare Health System which may be privileged, confidential or otherwise
    protected from disclosure. The information is intended to be for the addressee
    only. If you are not the addressee, any disclosure, copy, distribution or use
    of the contents of this message is prohibited. If you have received this
    electronic message in error, please notify the sender and destroy the original
    message and all copies.
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    Dose anyone know about the hours for the morning class I know its 7 to 2 butt clinicles mrs ******* said can go over in hours
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    -- Update

    Today I went my interview [******* ***** @ Team Resources Office] and I got some valuable information on EAYL. I began by meeting with *****. She told me that for EAYL I am required to work 1 [paid] day a week [however it was random; meaning I had no control over what shift, what day, and what location I would be assigned]. However she did inform me that I can transfer into a different LPN department, after sometime, as long as I met the requirements [there is a normal application and interview process for transfers]. Also I was at an advantage, since I lived between Dunedin, Clearwater, and Countryside; I would most likely be placed in a department within one of these locations [although there was a possibility to be placed in New Port Richie]. I like that the program sets you up in a specific department and does not bounce you around filling-in wherever.
    She asked me a lot of questions during the interview. Basically they pertained to why I wanted to be an LPN, what I expected my job to be like, what I had not like about my previous jobs, what difficult situations I had handled, etc... My answers, to all of these, where positive [Red Cross Training always emphasized this and suggested to turn negative questions into positive ones]. After that I was given a background check and reference forms to fill out.
    She stated that LPN EAYL was limited to 6 seats. I was told to attend the "mandatory" meeting and to take TEAS test. Once TEAS where finished I was told to fax my scores and to wait for the second interview. This interview was to meet with the director of EAYL. After this ***** and the EAYL director made the decision for the 6 seats.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - I was informed that no CNA cert. is not required to work under the EAYL LPN program. Also, apparently EAYL LPN is held once a year while RN EAYL is twice a year. There is also EAYL RN Bridge available to staff-only, with same requirements as EAYL RN [this can only be accessible after 3 year EAYL LPN contract is completed].

    REMAINING QUESTION - Does the acceptance into EAYL LPN lock-in or guarantee your spot into the LPN PTEC program? or vice-versa? ...
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