Polk State College Spring 2013?

  1. Anyone planning to apply? I see LOTS of Hillsborough folks. Any Polk?
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  3. by   NellieOlsen
    I'm applying! Got my application already completed and just need to get it notarized.
  4. by   FDW630
    How'd you get it already?? lol. I can't print mine. I have to get it from campus, so I have to wait until tomorrow.
  5. by   FDW630
    Im getting so anxious. Apparently they were overwhelmed with applications from valencia students for the Spring term and it is shaping up to be more competitive than the fall term. Also supposed to take longer than they originally said to send out letters. I was feeling good about my chances. Now Im just bummed and nervous! Ugh. The wait.
  6. by   FDW630
    I got my letter!! How exciting!! Now for the whirlwind of meetings, appointments and deadlines!
  7. by   julieface
    I got my letter too! Just need to get through Intro now.
  8. by   FDW630
    Yay for you too! Are you in the Lakeland Intro class?
  9. by   julieface
    Yep, Tuesday and Thursday nights with Ms. Schaak.
  10. by   FDW630
    Im in WH with Mrs Brown. Love the class so far. Our first clinical was a little confusing...Im still not 100% sure what is expected of me next time. Hopefully it wont be too overwhelming!
  11. by   julieface
    It's definitely a lot to take in. Feel free to message me if you ever want to talk about it.
  12. by   julieface
    Sorry, I wasn't able to respond to your pm because I am a new member to this site.
    Here is my response:
    Oh wow. I had mine yesterday actually. I wasn't told that I had to get that information in such depth, since we will be rotating to other units in the facility so we probably won't have the same patients every time. I didn't get to do the last question on the assignment with the patient's vitals because I was just doing everything with my CNA and she never checked any charts.
  13. by   FDW630
    Funny...I got a reply! And I responded to it. Hm.