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Pensacola Fortis Nursing Questions

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a wait list for Fortis in Pensacola's Nursing program? I am going through the motions of applying and haven't heard a peep out of any employee about it yet, but someone told me today that they switched to MA because there was a wait list.... Anything about the application process and what to expect would be helpful too.
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    I'm currently in the RN program at fortis...and I honestly don't know if there is a waiting list. I really don't think there would be yet...they also just added a night program that one of my co-workers just went for and started in july. The best thing is to go down there and listen to their little intro. It's harmless, you get to hear what they say. If your not sure about the program...then tell them you'll think about it!
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    I went and met with an admission rep at Fortis in Cincinnati, Ohio. He stated that the benifit of going through their college is there is no waiting list and prereqs thats not needed.
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    Hey I went to their nursing orientation but never went back for my personal appt because I was awaiting letters from Faulkner. I didn't make it into Faulkner this time around so I'm thinking of going back there. Did you ever apply?
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    How is the RN Program at Fortis in Pensacola? Checking to see how it compares with other schools (colleges & State Schools).....thinking of applying soon due to the hassle and waiting of other RN Programs.

    Would love to hear feedback about it - plus the accredited / approved issues of the program.

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    Is this school accredited? I'm looking into driving from TX for a tour. The information I got on the phone seemed promising.
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    hey did you complete this program I am thinking about enrolling here?
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    I heard its a good program but I would never Pay $52,000 for a 2 year degree. My 4 year degree did not cost that much.