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Hi everybody (well at least everyone that reads this :)) I just wanted to see if there's anyone out there looking to start this Spring?... Read More

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    Just FYI The part time eve weekend is usually the one with the highest required points...
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    Hi everyone,
    Did anyone apply for the 2012 fall? I would like to know the minimum points that was accepted. Im looking to apply for spring 2013 and I need to take Micro lab, and the Hesi. I'm currently enrolled to start Micro in 2 weeks, but thinking about dropping due to my work schedule. If I don't take the lab then I will lose out on 3 points, but I'm hoping I could do well on the HESI to get the 10 points.
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    I applied. But we STILL don't know who got in. We have a thread going, you can always check there to see the points. We will know by the end of the upcoming week.
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    Do any of you remember what the cutoff was for the evening/weekend program? I am getting nervous because October 1st will be here so soon!
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    Hi Joanna, I just finished with 1st semester and was wondering if you could tell me what chapters to study for the 1st test of lecture for 2nd semester? any help will be awesome! thanks so much
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    WOW I havent posted on here since I applied, about to graduate in a month how time flies, hope everyone is well

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