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Hi everyone, this is a thread for the January 2013 PBSC students. I know October is right around the corner, so I am a little frazzled right now. I am preparing for the HESI and have purchased the... Read More

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    For the hesi... Do u know what they asked for the chemistry section? I just want to know what to study, since chemistry is my weakest area.

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    Chem was my weakest subject too. I studied EVERY detail of the study guide for about a month. That was all I focused on. I would take a chemistry topic (from the book), learn it, then go online (YouTube, wiki, etc..) and learn more of the topic. I really wanted to know all of my chem like a pro. When I took the hesi, I was so confident with it first time I took it, I got a 66%, second time, 93%... Effortless
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    I took the Hesi a while ago, so unfortunately I don't remember any of the questions. I would follow Krystalanne's advice. Chemistry wasn't my weakest subject so I didn't study it as much.
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    Do you know what the weekend cut off score was?
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    passed the pro calc with 100%. studying for the hesi so I can apply next spring to the belle glade campus
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    do u happen to know what the cut off was for belle glade?
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    Hello everyone!

    I am a current PBSC nursing student and am selling my first semester textbooks. The pharmacology text, fundamentals text, Tabers dictionary, and skills lab textbook! They are in awesome condition and were not written in or highlighted. If anyone is interested please email me at Tiffany.Holmsted@gmail.com for a price. I am selling them for about 50% off what I bought them for. Goodluck to everyone!

    -Tiffany Holmsted

    These are the texts I am selling:

    1. Wilkinson J & Treas, L. (2010) Fundamentals of Nursing, 2nd Ed. FA Davis ISBN 13-978-0-8036-

    [FONT= ]2. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2008) 21st Ed. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Publishers.

    3.Adams, P., Holland, L. & Urban, C. (2011). Pharmacology for Nurses: a pathophysiologic approach. (3rd Ed) New Jersey: Prentice Hall. ISBN 13-978-0-13-508981-1.
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    I wouldn't recommend selling your Taber's. I used it a lot in second semester too.
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    I am studying for the HESI now and I wanted to know if you had tips for me about studying....I am so nervous...I was hoping you had some pointers for me
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    Quote from cora_2008
    Hello all future applicants,

    I was just accepted into the LW Full Time for Spring 2013 with a 25.33. However, I first applied for this current semester (Fall 2011) with the same score and did not get in because the cut off was 25.97. My advice to you would be, do as best as you can on the HESI exam, because that alone can give you 10 points. The fall semester cut-off is usually higher than Spring, if you're aiming for Fall I would suggest you try to have at least 26 points, 26.5 to be save. If you're aiming for the Spring, it can be lower (at least for FT).

    If you have any more questions, I'll be more than happy to help you as best I can. I have some down time before the semester begins in January, but once January hits I seriously doubt I'll have time to post. Best of luck to all of you! If you don't make it in the first time, do not give up because I got in my second time around!


    I am studying for the HESI now and I wanted to know if you had tips for me about studying....I am so nervous...I was hoping you had some pointers for me

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