Orlando Florida.. new grads/new RN's question?? Orlando Florida.. new grads/new RN's question?? | allnurses

Orlando Florida.. new grads/new RN's question??

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    I graduate in May and I am moving to Orlando. Anyone care to share what the Orlando hospitals are paying new grads base and differentials. I am in MA and I know it is significantly less than up here but the cost of living really doesn't look like significantly less down there *lol*. It is making me a little nervous. This is a definite move for me. I would like to have some idea of what to expect. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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    I'm currently living in Miami, I had interviewed with Florida Hospital in orlando over spring break and they were offering me like high 17. That's with a BSN degree. AD nurses make like .25 less or something. Nights and weekends is and additional 2 or 3 to 5 I believe. Yeah the cost of living is not that cheap either, not as high as Miami but more then where I was living before, in DE.
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    I don't know what part of Orlando you will be moving to but I know Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford pays a little higher....I started at around 18+ with only one year experience and they have pretty good shift/weekend differentials...I think about 20% which put me around $22. I don't work there anymore b/c of moving but my commute from East Orlando(near Winter Park) was about 35 minutes on average. Good luck!
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    The main hospital with the Level one trauma center is Orlando Regional Healthcare system. I would go there.