1. What are the best hospitals to work at as a new Graduate LVN in Orlando. Salary/Exp/Location.
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  3. by   swirlything
    Many hospitals are not hiring new grads, the one I work at has NO openings for new grads posted at this time (RN or LPN). Hospitals also prefer RNs over LPNs. You may find great difficulty finding a hospital job as a new LPN right now in this area. I have RN friends who graduated over a year ago who still don't have jobs.

    Now as far as the best hospital to work at, that's another question altogether. There are 2 large hospital systems, each has a very different culture from the other. Which you'd like better may be a matter of your own personality. When I did clinicals at both systems, the nurses at Orlando Health seemed happier than those at Florida Hospital... just my observation. Florida Hospital pays a bit more though. Sometimes when a hospital pays more, it's because they have to. Also, it seems the farther you get from downtown Orlando, the lower the pay.

    As far as location, that depends on where you live. I drive 30 miles and pass 3 other hospitals to get to work; but I really like working where I do, so it's worth it to me.
  4. by   kandace_hamilton
    ok thank you very much for the information, i am from texas and have absolutly no idea about the orlando area, i wouldnt mind going to work at a nursing home from graduation especially since they say nursing homes pay more for lpns than hospitals, but everyone keeps telling me i need at least 1 year of med-surg, although i do plan to get my rn and some nurses say that if i get my rn i dont have to worry about the med-surg year. Very confusing!!!!