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  1. 0 I was thinking about taking the rn program at concorde career institute what are the pro's and con's ?
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    Even if it's approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, if it's not accredited, you won't be able to go for a BSN, MNP, etc. degree without starting over from scratch. If the tuition and fees are high and you're not financially well-heeled, you will be in debt for a long time — and good luck to you if you have trouble finding a job after graduation.

    Would you consider a community college?
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    Before you consider Concord do some research about it's history and the GAO investigation regarding their admissions practices. If you still feel it is right for you, be sure to ask if you can talk to some current and graduated students from the program you are considering.
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    Yes I have considered a Community College and I'm still doing my investigation may consider community college fees are toooooo high for me. Thanks for ur advice