Nursing layoffs or difficulty getting jobs? 2011 wages? - page 4

I am beginning to hear rumors of nurses being laid off in Florida and/or nurses having difficulty getting jobs. I am in the process of changing careers from my current one to go back to school for... Read More

  1. by   pnlu007
    man, so many of you guys need a reality check...those who can't find a job-seem to be angry as if someone tricked you into the are grown and I'm assuming mature when you made the decision to go into nursing...act like a big boy and keep looking. For others who say those in accelerated programs don't deserve jobs...that's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Everyone is trying to earn a living and this holier than thou attitude because you happen to be in nursing prior to 2005 or whatever is silly posturing. I understand this forum is great for venting...Not for blaming.

    Its a challenge right now for many people. There are plenty of stories of new grads getting hired and plenty of new grads not getting hired. There are plenty of stories that hospitals are looking for people with 1-5 years experience and there are stories of nursing vets that can't find jobs...What this means is that it is a challenge for everyone across the spectrum, yet there are still successes..persevere folks!