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Nursing-Continuing Education courses

  1. 2 Ok so, I know nurses are required to take continuing education courses every 2 years, but where do you take them? Also, how many do you have to take and how long are they? Is it anything like the NCLEX? I live in Florida by the way.
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    If you are working in a hospital, check with the Education Department of your facility. If you aren't part of a hospital, call your local hospital's Education Department. They should have information for you re: ACLS, CPR, Unit specific classes that you need to take etc. They are usually taught by hospital Educators (who are RN's), Paramedics, or outside contractors (who, if they aren't currently nurses, are retired medical educators who are required also too keep up on what they teach.) Classes can be as short as an hour to all day or multi-day in length. Though personally I've never seen one longer than 2 days. Hope this helps.
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    Oh ok. Thank you!
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    Being a nurse, it can be difficult to commit to a classroom-type setting for continuing education. In Florida there are organizations that offer online continuing education for healthcare professionals, one is St. Pete College - You have the option to preview classes to insure that they are right for you! They also list if the class is eligible to count towards your continuing education requirement, taking the guess work out and allowing to spend more time in your field. Check them out!
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    Get mine on -- $45 per year, unlimited access. Automatic notification to BON through CE Broker.

    But there are lots of other online providers.