Nursing advice please!!!!

  1. Hi I just applied to USF school of nursing upper division for fall 2012. I was told by the nursing advisors that a 3.7 GPA was the average admittance GPA from last year.

    I was wondering if you guys think I have a chance I have a 3.75 GPA and a 3.8 science GPA I never failed any classes I withdrew pass from one class A and P 1 and later recieved an A. I wrote a strong personal statement. I have exprience because I have been a C.N.A. since 2008 and I have volunteered (I was told this voluteerism is not as important by an advisor) someone please reply I'm so excited to hear your replys. I made one C in human growth and development....Thank You!
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  3. by   newbtonursing
    I think it depends upon the number of applicants applying who's GPA is higher than yours.

    For example: The school I applied to I believe , has 30 spots. They accept students from the 4.0 GPA and passing TEASV scores, and work their way backwards, filling the seats until there are no more.

    So it really depends on what the other students' grades are like. So, It is possible. I have a co-worker get into a very competetive program against hundreds of applicants with a 3.4 gpa.

    I Hope this helps!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!