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NSU RN to MSN program?

  1. 0 Anyone enrolled in nova southeastern university rn to msn program? I'm thinking about applying for the spring 2013 term (doing the FNP) track. Any comments on the program? Thank you in advance! :-)
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    Currently in the application process for the SPR13 term. I am looking more towards Nurse Educator track at this time. If you get any information from anyone, let me know. The application process has been easy, just have to wait for a decision. I have also applied to UCF, we'll see what happens. :-)
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    how did it go? did you hear back from them yet?
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    I was wondering has anyone heard anything back form NOVA
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    Yes I heard back. I got accepted into the spring rn to msn program. I start January 9th
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    I received my acceptance letter just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Of the two schools I applied to Nova and UCF, I chose Nova. Pretty excited about getting started. We already completed our first orientation. I used to live in Davie/Ft. Lauderdale and Nova's library was my community library. Even though I am in Atlanta, I plan to travel down to take full advantage of their library resources at least once a semester.
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    I am graduating with my RN in May and looking to apply to the RN-MSN program starting in August, would any one who has been accepted mind telling me what your GPA was?
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    Did anyone get accepted into their APRN program in west palm? How's it like? Thx!
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    Is anyone doing to rn to msn online? How is it? Are you working while going to school? Im interested