Nova Southeastern Winter 2013 Entry Level BSN - page 52

Hello future nurses! I'm very anxious about my admission decision. Does anyone else feel the same way? I applied to Nova at the beginning of this month, checking the VIP page 3-4 times daily. What campuses is everyone... Read More

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    Has anyone been accepted to the Ft. Myers campus yet? Just finished my second semester and have some tips for you guys plus selling books that I no longer need! Congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far!
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    I got in!!!!! im so happyyyyy
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    RNtobe email me at laura.benitez20@hotmail.comThanks
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    Did anybody do the In state tuition application yet? Do they send you anything that shows that they already receive the application?
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    Rntobe1211 I sent you a message on here!
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    anybody need a roommate for ft myers ?!
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    Anyone knows how we can get the book list for the First semester???
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    Does anyone know when tuition is due? At my last college it was the first day of classes.
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    It's due by the 3rd of jan so today.
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    Has anyone gotten an interview date?? Currently applying for fall 2013

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