Nova southeastern nursing applicants for 2013

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    Hello to anyone out there who is looking or trying to get into a nursing BSN program!! My name is Chantel and is going thru the challenge of getting into a Entry level BSN program. Nova the first choice and South University is the second but my gpa is only a 2.9 and it should go up by the end of summer classes. But I kno I dnt stand as good of chance in getting in compared to other posts that have students struggling to get in with 3.5-3.7's!!! Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about getting in?

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    Moved to FL Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Try to bring it up a bit more to a good 3.30 at least and volunteerr!!!!! AND ALOT!
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    Did you get into nova?
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    Sooooo happy u got in I now have a 3.01 and still have still have 4 more classes to bust my butt in to try to get that gpa up. U had a 3.2!!! And got in I'm soooooooooo happy!! U make the unbelievable believable!! I thank you for sharing ur info on this site, which made my stress levels go down a bit. I will start volunteering and Definately hope to meet u and be in ur baby class of spring (jan)
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    i applied 2 months ago for the january entry....i hope ill make it!!!! did you guys heard anything from the admission? Is is a rolling admission?
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    Hello everyone! I applied to the BSN entry level nursing for the spring '13. I'm ecstatic and anxious about getting in. Has anyone heard or received any emails yet?
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    I applied 2 months ago and haven't received any e-mail yet.
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    Same here, does anybody know if it's rolling basis?
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    Hello nurses. Does anyone know how they will let us know if we got an interview and if so how thought email

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