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  1. Hi! I will be graduating with my (second degree) BSN in May. I go to school in DC now but am originally from Central Fla and would like to come back to the state to start my career. I have limited it down to the Orlando and Brevard County areas, and would love to hear from some of you who may have any recommendations, opinions, suggestions about these area hospitals. (i.e. work atmosphere, opportunity for good experience, pay, etc...) Also, what about living? I'm single with only a few friends left in the area....
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  3. by   Tinuviel
    Hi! I have several friends who are working for Florida Hospital in orlando, and they love it. The benefits are outstanding. Also, in Brevard, Parrish med Center just completed their multi million dollar new hospital, and are doing alot of recruiting for new hires. Its a great place and I have heard that the shift differentials and sign on bonuses are great, I believe when I looked it up on the web, its like 3-5 dollars an hour, which is really good for this area.
    As far as housing, rents have gone up here quite a bit. You can expect to pay around 8-900 bucks for a 2 bedroom house, and thats the LOW end in Brevard, I expect Orlando is about the same. I like Brevard because its definately slower paced than Orlando, but they are building up ALOT around here, and its getting to be a busy place as well.
    Best of Luck to you.
    PS you can look up Parrish Medical Center on the web, I believe thier new website is up and running now.
  4. by   DHnurse
    Hi Kim! I am also moving to Brevard County from PA. I am just waiting for my house to sell. Husband is already there. I graduated this past May. Our real estate agent told me that there are many opportunities for nurses in the area. I haven't started looking yet. I am interested in something that works around my kids schedule which will probably be harder to find. I did the night shift here and found it exhausting. Please post which area you decide on. Once I get down there, I can give you some information. Hopefully, it will be soon. I miss my husband.
    Good luck, Christine