NEW GRAD Starting at Nursing Home for Experience, Good or bad?

  1. i just graduated in december. i haven't even taken my nclex yet. but, when i do start looking for my 1st job, hopefully in the next few months. is it a good idea or bad idea to try and gain some experience in a nursing home before i try and dive right into a hospital? i am asking this especially b/c the hospitals in my area (miami) are all requiring at least 1 yr experience and also b/c i don't feel completely confident yet in my skills to be thrown on a floor. so, any advice about this topic would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much.
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  3. by   labrador4122
    All the hospitals are requiring 1 year experience?? that is crazy because none of us have nursing experience straight from nursing school

    anyways, nursing home for first year shouldn't be too bad. You will pass meds, transfer patients to hospital if they are very ill, of course assess and assess & you have other medical personel to help you.

    So I would take it as a first job. but of course try and apply at the hospitals
  4. by   SouthernAsh
    Thanks so much for the advice. I really appreciate it!
  5. by   sailnby
    I am going through the same issue right now. Just graduated and it seems as though I may need to make do with a job at the nursing home for now. Every other hospital wants experienced nurses or they only hire new grads when they enter a particular program specifically for new grads in their hospital. Most of those dont start till about 3/4months from now. Even though I havnt taken the NCLEX yet, it may seem as if I probably have time and should enroll, but you never know. Im trying to get my NCLEX done and out of the way and start working asap. The earlier I get experience, the earlier and easier I can find a different job in the near future.