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  1. 0 Hi all, I am in my last semester of a BSN program. I am looking into moving to Florida when I graduate in may, preferably anywhere south of Miami, as that is where my boyfriend has found a job. I have just begun looking into the application process and nurse residencies, etc. Just wondering if anyone else will be applying there for this Summer or if anywhere currently works in that area and knows of any hospitals, clinicals, public health offices, nursing homes that might hire a new grad. Thanks in advance!!
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    I graduated in August and passed my boards in October. I've yet to find a job since many hospitals want experience nurses. The only hospitals I know that do residencies are VA in West Palm Beach, Baptist Health, Delray Medical Center, Holy Cross Hospital, I think Memorial Regional and Mount Sinai ohhh and University of Miami Hospital. Other residencies are in North of FL like Orlando, Tampa, Port St. Lucie etc.
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    Have you applied to the residencies? I heard they were difficult to get into. I'm not picky on where I work it doesn't necessarily have to be a hospital. I have seen some places that do not require experience or say "new grads welcome" however I keep hearing it is so hard to find a job anywhere.
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    I applied to the one in Orlando and UM and did not get in. Right now I had a interview with Baptist so crossing fingers!! lol Down here even some Nursing Homes want experience its crazy. My cousin told me of a Mental Health Nursing Home in South Beach that hire new grads. If I don't get into Baptist I'll go in and apply there since they interview on the spot.
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    Oh good luck that's great! Anything special you did to get an interview? I have talked with a lady from Baptist about hiring new grads and their residency and she is very helpful. That is the hospital i've been looking at the most. I heard it is crazy there and competetive with everything. I could apply at the hospitals here in Illinois right now and have a job months before I graduate so I don't want to give up on that if it's not going to happen in Florida.

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