Moving to FL--Stuart or Bradenton area?

  1. my young family is relocating to florida in the next 6 months, and we haven't decided exactly where we want to be. we're looking at the clearwater/bradenton area or stuart area. any information on pros/cons of these areas and hospitals in the areas would be awesome! i'm currently an icu nurse at a great hospital in az, so i'm hoping to find somewhere that i love to work in florida as well. i truly appreciate any and all information-- good or bad! also, what is the pay like for a 5+ year experienced nurse for nights?? thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   eslifkin
    I love both areas (especially Sarasota) but live in Stuart. The Martin Memorial Health System in Stuart is an excellent facility. Nice laid back area with lots of recreational opportunities and under an hour from West Palm. The schools are amongst the best in the state.
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  4. by   RachNichole
    @Eslifkin, thanks so much for the information!! My husband seems to be leaning toward Stuart, but I LOVE the west coach beaches )
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  5. by   JDsGirl
    @rachnichole. Did you ever end up moving to Stuart? Curious if you like working here. I lived on the west coast (Cali) for many many years and find the Treasure Coast beaches outstanding compared to those in Cali. The Treasure Coast is an unbelievable place to live. I love it!

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  6. by   RachNichole
    @JDsGirl, we actually didn't! We got pregnant, oops, so the move has been postponed to this spring. We'll be there in March and I can't wait!!! Any info on good places to work in the Stuart/Jupiter area would be much appreciated!! )
  7. by   BeagleBabe
    Bradenton is crime-infested and gang-infested. Sarasota is much nicer and safer. Check for the cities you want to move to. It has great information and message boards about each town.

    Good luck on your move.