Miami Dade College (MDC) Spring 2013 Gen. FT/PT& Accelerated Nursing program - page 2

Hi all, I've just handed in my application to MDC for Spring '13. Right now I'm overall score is 82 but I'm planning on retaking the TEAS in August to improve that. If anyone has a book list from previous students, please... Read More

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    I just applied for the Transitional and Generic full time programs today. Does anyone know when we should expect to find out if we were accepted or not?

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    I assume sometime either in October or November- could possibly run up to December for some because they have to wait for people to decline acceptance to notify someone else to fill slots.

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    Hi all!! Im new here, im also applying to the generic program. I just handed in my application last wed Aug 1. Im so anxious!!!!
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    Welcome Geisy,

    Do you mind sharing your overall score? Mine's an 82 (for now). Wishing you luck
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    So far i have a 77% not so great . Im planning on retaking the teas this month, but i already submited my application, so i really dont know!!!
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    Hi Geisy,

    You could still retake the TEAS after 30 days, which is allowed in a year... I'm still planning to retake it though...
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    It's the only way to increase our chances of getting in...good luck to all of us..
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    Good luck to you too. Is it only two times that you can take the teas, or 3 in one year. I's taken it twice already. first time got 69.3, last time 75%. I thought i had another chance
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    I think you've already used up all your options for now...unless your first TEAS was taken a year ago...
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    Well i guess ill have to stick with that My friend got accepted for the Fall of 2012 and she had an ovg of 78% so i guess i still have hope. Lets see what happens!!! Can't wait

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