Miami Dade Accelerated Nursing Program

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in MDC accelerated program and I just had a few questions....
    I have been trying to email advisors/call as well with no response and I live kind of far for me to drive. I wanted to apply for Next Fall 2014 and I received my bachelors from another institution and now I am just researching schools for my 2nd degree. Some of the questions I had include the following:

    1.Is the accelerated option at MDC a BSN or ADN (the site didn't really specify at east I didn't see it)
    2.Also as far as the gpa do they only look at the science gpa or overall?
    3.I was reviewing the application online it did not have an "accelerated option" do I have to go in person to apply?

    Any information you guys have will be greatly appreciated thanks so much!
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    Hi Tiffy,
    1-The accelerated program is for the ADN. You can do the BSN at your own pace after you get your RN license, from one class to maximum of 4.
    2- I am not sure what they are looking as far as GPA because it is different for all programs. The more in demand one particular program is; such as part time, the higher the GPA they will look for. You also need to pass the TEAS with at least a 65, though I heard from someone that this will no longer be required as they are going to opt for another test. They will look at your science classes.
    3- If you have never been a student of MDC, you can apply online, but you will still have to go in person.

    The person that handled questions for the ADN back then was Sophia Reeves, you can find her phone number and email on the Nursing site under Faculty. I am not sure if she is still handling ADN, as I know she is handling the BSN, but it is worth to try emailing her first.

    I hope I was able to help you out a little bit. Also, if you do plan to do the accelerated, my recommendation having had friends who did it a few years ago, is to make sure you do not have any other responsibilities, especially work, because the pace will be super fast, and nursing education is not about memorization, but rather understanding and application. Of course, I also met one exception, but she was alien smart.....