MDC New Requirements for 2012 - page 4

this is what the director stated in an email: the deadline date to apply for the fall 2012 program is may 1, 2012. the deadline date to apply for the spring 2012 program is september 1, 2011.... Read More

  1. by   dolphins1005
    Hello everyone, hope you all make into the program you guys apply too. I wish you all well in longggggg process!!!!!!! I have a question about the program. I would like to know if you guys can recommend me to some program or do I have a chance to get into the RN program at MDC. My GPA is 3.28 and with a TEAS score of 75%, and I'am also a male(hopefully that gives a a little push with a somewhat low gpa if anyone considers it low). I was wondering if you guys can give me some input into any programs that can possibly accept me!!!!! I would love some feedback!!!! Thanks for you time!!! I greatly appreciate it.