MDC Accelerated Nursing Program~ FALL 2012

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    Hello everyone!!
    I got accepted into the accelerated program at MDC I would like to start a thread so we all can start getting acquainted...I received the acceptance email on the 3rd...It has been a long rough road to get to this point but I am very happy and grateful to be here. I am mentally ready to get this started...I am aware of the long tough journey ahead of me....we can do this! Lets be focus to the finish line!..Lets try our best to help each other...We got this!!!!....cannot wait to meet you all on Tuesday!!...
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    Hi I also got accepted for the accelerated option
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    Hello Sbrina06,
    congrats you know where we need to turn in our copies?...
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    Hello Sbrina06,<br>congrats you know where we need to turn in our copies?...
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    have you bought any books?...I am afraid to get any because they may change into a new edition...I will figured out by Tuesday
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    For Medical Campus, your sealed drug test envelope and medical checkup/titer/hep B option goes to the nursing office window on the third floor. I think it's actually in building 2000, but it's on the border of building 1000.

    I was accepted into the accelerated option, but I chickened out. Because of a foul-up mostly on their part, I lost a semester — I could have applied for the spring class — though I was able to finish just about everything I need (except sociology) for the BSN bridge program. Now I'm not going to be done until December 2013 if all goes well, and NCLEX in 2014. It seems like forever, but it's all good.

    Good luck!
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    I have a copy of my CPR card (expires Oct. 2012) and my completion of my background check letter..I only have these two things done so I will turn it in at the nursing dpt medical stuff is still in process because I got the email on the 3rd :/
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    No worries as long as you get to the finish line that's all it matter...just be can do it!!! before you know it you will be receiving your diploma and the biggest satisfaction of all is when you see RN after your name
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    Nursing Department on the third floor building 1. They'll have you sign your documents in.
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    No I haven't purchased anything yet and I doubt they'll change the edition.
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