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are there any current students enrolled in mcfatter's lpn program? can you pretty please give any information? 1. how much time have you dedicated to the program, are you wrking? 2. does the... Read More

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    How's it going for you guys? I plan on going here too.

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    @ iwanttobeanurse0214


    you mentioned broward tech, i too was looking into their program. tution cost was also a issue for me. do you know of anyone who has actually attended? they seem to be very organized, but without really knowing how could one judge. i will stick it out and possibly attend sheridan or mcfatter.

    best wishes to all on this journey!
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    Hi there Praying01, Im new to the site, and even though this thread is from last year, hope you respond...transferring from ATC to McFatter nights, would you please give me some info on instructors, clinical rotations are the tests??? are instructors reasonable??? are they somewhat "nice" and patient with students?? had such bad experience with instructor at ATC....thanks
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    Hi ashy's

    I was apart of the evening program so from what I heard from the Day students we had it a tiny bit easier. The instructors are very good and clinical rotations were a drag. The hospitals didn't really wants us there and were more appreciated of thr BCC RN students. The instructors were not really reasonable, we would have to put up a fight during test questions we thought were wrong. The test were extreamly hard, but study and you will do fine....

    Hope thiis helped

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