LRMC in Lakeland

  1. Anyone have any experience with this hospital? Any pros, cons, fair pay and scheduling? Nurse to Pt. ratios? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    Was one of the first hospitals in the anti-union state Florida to go union due to lousy working conditions in the 90's. However, definitely beats working at Winter Haven Hospital(a facility that is going down the tubes), Lake Wales (recently sold by WHH and perpetually in transition), Bartow Memorial (owned by a subsidiary of HCA - for profit). From what I hear, union has improved wages and conditions at LRMC. Previously, they hired and then laid off nurses seasonally (they work you to death during snowbird season and low census you the rest of the year) without much notice. Nurses provided "total care", even to cleaning rooms, toilets, etc. to turnover a room - in select units. You could not collect sick pay unless you were sick three days or more, and provided written documentation. Hopefully those issues have been addressed.

    Orlando has some progressive hospitals, not that far a commute from Lakeland if you are near the Parkway or I4.
  4. by   PilotJim68
    I did my Nursing I clinicals at WHH. It didnt seem too bad and I really didnt hear too many complaints but then again I didnt go looking for them. I live close to LRMC and was thinking of applying for a nurse intern position there hopefully in the ICU.
    As far as pay, I think LRMC pays a little more than the other hospitals, I think they start around $19 for a new grad. I did find WHH to be kinda dirty though.
    The "new" Bartow Memorial is a nice facility but very quiet compared to WHH.