LPN Program @ MDC or Lindsey (Fall 2010)

  1. Hey my fellow nursing students and professionals!

    I've always been to this site through google when I look for answers regarding my nursing programs. I just became a member today!!! YAAAAAAY.Is there anyone out there who is beginning the LPN program or graduated already. ANY advice? suggestions!! THanks!!
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  3. by   jam911
    I know that lindsy is longer than mdc.....
  4. by   kekilovehealth34
    how come? how long is lindsey and how long is mdc?
  5. by   Roxy77655
    I am also thinking of starting Lindsey this year but I am also interested in MDC. When you say lindsey is longer what do you mean? I thought all LPN programs were the same length. Also, What are the admission requirements at MDC?
  6. by   C-Los
    Im currently in the MDC LPN program. Im not sure how long the one at Lindsey Hopkins is but the one at MDC is fall spring and summer. as far as pre reqs u need to take the TEAS (if u dont have an AA), u have to have Intro to healthcare and then take the PAX-PN exam. The lowest score in my class was a 137.
    If you have any more questions just ask away
    good luck getting into the program and if you do STAY FROM MRS. BROWN!!!!!!!
  7. by   vebmrb050
    Hi C los I have a question,how long did it take for you to know that you were accepted into the program?
  8. by   C-Los
    i think i heard back from them in June. Good Luck. Oh also if/when u get in stay away from the North Shore clinical sites.
  9. by   vebmrb050
    Thanks C-lo it's nice to have info from a person in the program.
  10. by   C-Los
    no problem. i know i wish i had someone tell me things before i got into the program. I looked all over this website for something on the MDC LPN program. I didnt find anything with any good information on it. I think its funny when people copy and paste what the school website says. Like I never thought of looking at the website myself. Makes me smile