LOOK - couple of Bills in FL re: school lunches & midwifery access

  1. If you live in FL and consider healthier school lunches and access to midwifery care important, please take 5 minutes to write your representative. More-

    Here's a link to the first bill, regarding better school lunches for kids (a move that a lot of other places have already done... you can google around the web if you're interested in even more info):
    Here's the link for finding/writing your Representative - it's automated and only takes a minute!!

    Here is an article about high fructose corn syrup from the Washinton Post. If you aren't familiar, basically companies add it to all kinds of foods instead of regular sugar because it's cheap. It also creates the cycle where you have a sugar rush, then crash and crave more of the food. When kids (and adults) eat more whole grains and less high fructose corn syrup-containing foods, they feel fuller and have more evenly distributed, longer energy throughout the day. Fructose is also stored more readily as fat in the body than other sugars. The rise in obesity in this country correlates with the the use of high fructose corn syrup. We need to take these kinds of measures for better school foods (some kids eat breakfast, lunch, and after school daycare snacks all at school), along with better exercise habits for the kids out there!
    I don't know about you, but not what I want schools feeding our kids when better alternatives are available. Anyway, here's that article:

    Please oppose these bills which will affect access to midwifery care.
    It's fully automated - you just fill in your name so please take 60 seconds and send it in!
    Click on this URL to the American College of Nurse Midwives to take action now:

    Thanks so much!
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