Lake Tech LPN Program 2013 P/T Interview Went Well!

  1. 0 Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone on! I really felt that my interview went extremely well, (Let's just hope the nurses think so too!) and it's all thanks to the information I found within the threads! I won't know for two weeks if I got in, but, I really think I made an impression! Cross your fingers for me! Hopefully the wait won't be too terrible :P

    Thanks for all the advice! -Karlee
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    I am so with you! I am 36 with 3 kids (2 that are teens) I am in my second block (semester) there are days when I literally have to drag myself out of's temporary.....we will both feel much better after we graduate!
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    I just can't wait to get started!
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    Hi there! Are you talking about lake tech in Eustis Florida? For the night part time class that starts April 15? I just found ou that I got accepted too!
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    @FeliciaNicole Yes! Congrats! Guess we'll be class mates! <3 I can't even describe how excited I am! Just wish it wasn't spring break right now so I could go finish up getting registered! 2 weeks just isn't enough time! Luckily, I've heard that if you're already a CNA you don't have to do the cna portion, so it gives me a little more time to get ready.
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    Yeah I had to do alot of rushing around to get registered! And yeah they told me I wont have to start until June because im a CNA too. One question though, I cant find my letter that says the start date in April, but I believe it was April 15 is that correct? And do you know what time? DId you buy your books or anything yet?
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    Hi, yes sorry I'm just now seeing this! It is April 15th... I can't remember what time exactly, either 5 or 5:30 to 9:30... She said to go straight in to the class room that's one door past the health science department.. I'm going to call tomorrow to double check!... When you registered, did you get a parking pass or anything? Or did you find out if you had to wear your scrubs to the first day? I think it's supposed to be like "orientation" so I wasn't sure and I forgot to ask! :P

    I haven't bought my books yet, I've got a friend who has just graduated who said that I won't really need them until then. I'm actually going to be buying most of my books from her. You can go to the lake tech lpn am 2013 facebook page and ask if anyone else wants to sell there books to save some $$$. I've already bought my stethoscope... I got a littman classic II- My friend said you don't "have" to get an expensive one, but I decided I might as well so I don't have to worry about it breaking or anything. I got mine from they do free engraving and are decently priced and you can get a coupon for them off of facebook! Hmm... as far as scrubs go, I've found the best deals at WalMart (only problem is they dont have white ones at the mt. dora store) and of course Goodwill lol... I got my shoes at Kmart in Mt. Dora (which is closing btw so everything is 20% off!!!) they surprisingly have really comfy nursing shoes!
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    OH and have you found anyone else who is going to be in our class?
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    OH and definitely call, because there are TWO night time classes! I'm doing the p/t so mine is at 5... full-time is doing orientation at 2.... i think!
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    I am in the part time class too. I think it starts at 5 I found my paper. My cousin just graduated also and she gave me her textbooks to use and her srubs also. I just need to buy the underwear lol. I did get a parking pass and id tag. Im not sure what to wear tomorrow what are you wearinging?
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    Lol I wasn't sure either, I called and they said to wear "business casual" clothes.... whatever that means! haha I'm wearing Khakis and a collared shirt. I wasn't sure if jeans would be okay, I would imagine as long as they don't have holes in them they'd be fine! Guess I'll see you today! <3
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    Hey, did you finally get into the LPN Program @ Lake Tech and what's your experience?
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    Quote from karleeek1992
    i just can't wait to get started!
    hi, did you start the lpn program yet?? I will be enrolling 2014, please

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