Lake Tech LPN Program 2013 P/T Interview Went Well! - page 2

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone on! I really felt that my interview went extremely well, (Let's just hope the nurses think so too!) and it's all thanks to the information I found within the threads! I... Read More

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    Lol I wasn't sure either, I called and they said to wear "business casual" clothes.... whatever that means! haha I'm wearing Khakis and a collared shirt. I wasn't sure if jeans would be okay, I would imagine as long as they don't have holes in them they'd be fine! Guess I'll see you today! <3
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    Hey, did you finally get into the LPN Program @ Lake Tech and what's your experience?
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    Quote from karleeek1992
    i just can't wait to get started!
    hi, did you start the lpn program yet?? I will be enrolling 2014, please

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