Keiser vs. BCC for Nursing Program in Space Coast?? - page 3

Hi everyone, I know Keiser is very expensive, but I'm afraid I may have to consider it if I don't get in to the BCC, Cocoa (Brevard Community College) program for this year. I have most of my prereqs... Read More

  1. by   littlemissgator
    I only have to take my core classes which is great. How long did it take you to finish your core classes? The counselor said they take 16 months to complete, but that doesn't add up to me since she also said the students take one class per month (4 classes per semester) and there are only 8 classes listed for the major courses....
  2. by   9livesRN
    we do take 2 classes per semester, so it is basically 4 semesters

    gen eds are 1 per month, but core are 2 per semester!
  3. by   littlemissgator
    Ok, thanx for the clarification!