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Hi everyone, I know Keiser is very expensive, but I'm afraid I may have to consider it if I don't get in to the BCC, Cocoa (Brevard Community College) program for this year. I have most of my prereqs done, gone to group... Read More

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    Quote from leydylaura
    OMG i didnt know i have to atleast earn 25 points... :/ im nervous now but how? i mean if you have a 4.0 its 16 point plus one for residents, 5 for HOSA... that makes 22 not 25 nor 28....

    I think your talking about Broward College which was also called BCC.. They are talking about another school further north in Florida.

    Broward College has the 16 points max with Hosa and residency points.

    Broward College is also called BCC

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    Would you mind PM me on the scholarship info also? Thanks!!
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    Quote from helpingothersinlife
    I am at Keiser Orlando, we are fully nationally accredited!

    I highly recommend the school!!! Great Instructors!
    Hi helpingothersinlife,

    I just completed my interview for the 1-year accelerated BSN at Remington in Lake Mary (it went extremely well), but now I am considering going to Keiser. Remington is $36K, but you also get a BSN with that. Up until now I didn't even consider getting an ASN because I kept hearing that BSNs are becoming a requirement for employment. I checked CareerBuilder to see if this was true and saw that Health Central requires a BSN. What caught my attention about Keiser was, according to what I have read, I should only have to take the core nursing classes and only have to pay about $18K at Keiser (I figured if I can get a job as an RN I might be able to get my employer to pay for the RN-BSN program) and spend about the same amount of time in school as I would at Remington. Also, I'm a single mom with a 4-year-old to take care of and I'm concerned that the demands that the accelerated program has would cause my son to have to be without a mommy for a year . I have an appointment with one of Keiser's admissions advisors tomorrow at noon, so I'll verify the total cost and length then.

    I've noticed that you have pretty much completed the program (if you haven't already by now), and I just wanted to get a little feedback from someone who has experienced going to Keiser in ORLANDO. Have you already graduated/taken and passed the NCLEX? How confident do you feel about getting hired? Do you feel confident in your abilities to fulfill your duties as an RN?

    The thought of not being able to get a job with an ASN is really the only thing that worries me. IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!! It wouldn't be such a big problem if I KNEW I could get a job with an ASN with no problem. A week ago I knew EXACTLY where I wanted to go, but now... I'm just sooooo confused! Of course I plan to ask plenty of questions during my appointment tomorrow... I would just like to see if their feedback matches the feelings of a student who actually attended... you know, for reassurance.
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    Hi there, sorry for the late reply, I am attending Keiser now, I am about to graduate, I do only have 2 months left on the program, they are very demanding and require tons of work, but it is doable. I feel that we are well prepared, and I really enjoy our clinical instructors ALL OF THEM.

    Now you have to put your personal life no the side and concentrate on nursing school, and that can be challenging, but I have friends who have more then 4 kids and are doing just fine.

    I really like the class size, we get all the attention we want from the instructors, they are definitely professional towards us.

    Hey how did it go???

    Now the program itself is very demanding, and in order to be successful you must put in a lot of personal time into it, there are PLENTY of tests, and there are some that will either make you or break you, although they are not too bad once you study a bit.

    let me know if I can be of further assistance!
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    Thanks for the reply, everything went well and I'm scheduled to take the TEAS test in a couple of weeks. I took a tour with the counselor today and met a few students that were in a lab, they all said they loved it... maybe you were there? I also noticed that you disapprove of Herzing's program. Why? What was your experience with them?
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    I was not there, right now, I am done with my core classes, I am finishing my preceptorship and just have 2 months left. I will be there tuesday though in the morning...

    I disapprove that school for the lack of professionalism, for the poor clinical site, for the lack of student support, for the favoritism, for the terrible campus, for the outdated material and so on....
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    I only have to take my core classes which is great. How long did it take you to finish your core classes? The counselor said they take 16 months to complete, but that doesn't add up to me since she also said the students take one class per month (4 classes per semester) and there are only 8 classes listed for the major courses....
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    we do take 2 classes per semester, so it is basically 4 semesters

    gen eds are 1 per month, but core are 2 per semester!
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    Ok, thanx for the clarification!

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