Keiser University ?

  1. Looking for any current information on the RN program. Price, hours, requirements to be accepted and if you like the program. Thanks
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  3. by   Sunshine62
    Hi akeinin,

    I am not currently attending Keiser University since I have to take and pass the TEAS exam. But I did get information about the program.
    1. Take the Entrance Evaluation, which they call the Wonderlic Test. It is similar to an IQ test. If you have your scores from the SAT or ACT, with a minimum of 800 on the SAT and 17 on the ACT then you can skip the entrance evaluation.
    2. Take the TEAS (Test of Essential Acadamic Skills) which is comprised of Reading, Math, English and Science. Get a minimum passing score of:
    3. Interview with the Nursing Program Director
    4. Then they send your file to the committee and then if they accept you they will call you within 2-3 weeks.

    If you do not have your sciences done;(i.e Anatomy & Physiology I & II and a humanities course) then you can take them at Keiser before starting the nursing program.

    The tuition is per semester (every 4 months) not per credit. When I went in January to get the info the tuition was almost 7,000 per semester.

    The schedule remains the same every semester. Mon-Fri from 8:30am-1:30pm.

    The program is 18 months. I also have my AS from Miami-Dade so I did not have to take the general elective courses. If you dont have your general electives then you can take them there, but I strongly advise that you get them done at a community college if you have one around.

    I hoped that this helped. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

    P.S- I dont know where you live so keep in mind that the requirements and the tuition might be different.
  4. by   nonyrn
    I was wondering, how long is the nursing core courses? Is the program 18 months including the general elective courses or not counting the general elective courses? I am undecisive btw keiser and florida national college because fnc is one year only including the nursing core courses. I completed all of my general elec. courses at mdc because when I completed an AA. I would really appreciate your advise.
  5. by   campercass
    I am currently finishing my pre-reqs at Keiser-Melbourne Campus. The nursing core classes are 4 semesters, back to back, or 16 months. You are able to take your pre-reqs online as well.

    I've had no problems so far. Everyone I have dealt with has been fantastic!
  6. by   campercass
    I just checked your profile, and see you are in Jacksonville. We are hoping to move to Jacksonville when I finish school (in 2012), but it all depends on where I will be able to get my first nursing job. I would love to work at Mayo Clinic!!
  7. by   Miami11
    The nursing class core in FNC are 3 semesters, 12 years, because is a intensive program. Consider this...
  8. by   Jaxmom4
    I am considering Keiser's ADN program but before I sign on for the loans I will need, I want to find out what graduates from the Jacksonville Keiser's experiences have been. So...if anyone is attending the Nursing program in Jax, how do you like it? And particularly if anyone has graduated - was it difficult to get a job? Thank you for any and all inpute!
  9. by   Miami11
    i mean, the nursing class core in fnc are 3 semesters, 12 months
  10. by   Miami11
    Hi, Jaxmom4
    I think Jacksonville is better than Miami to get a job in nursing, and over there is Mayo Clinic Hospital, I heard that they have a program for new RNs...take a look by the web, and good luck!
  11. by   Jaxmom4
    Thanks for the response, Miami11!

    It's nerve wracking to think of the loans and debt I'm going to accrue. I think I'm even more nervous/cautious because I'm now 46 and have been unemployed (not out of work though -a full time mom and wife) for 18 years! I would hate to think I go through the effort and expense only to find out that I can't find a job because maybe a keiser degree isn't marketable. I've heard positives and negatives regarding the private for profit universities from current students but haven't heard anything from a graduate!
  12. by   Ndnrnbsn
    are you currently in the fnc nursing program? i am supposed to be getting in for january 2012. if they have any seats available in august 2011, then they said they will let me know. can u give some info if you are in the program or if you have heard anything about that school. would like some input. i do know that it is 1 year for the program. but how are the professors, lectures, and clinicals? thanks in advance
  13. by   capenerv
    Hi Sunshine 62

    I saw your post, you wrote about keiser in 2010 did you graduate? How was the program? Are you going for your BSN?
  14. by   viky jean
    i have all pre -re done at MDC i wanted to know how long it will take me to finish the ADN program at keiser does anyone have any info on this please and the cost as well.