Kaplan Nursing Program Entrance Exam at Florida National University

  1. I'm taking the test on Monday for the first time, but I haven't started taking my pre requisites yet. I was wondering what exactly was on each section of the exam, in order to try and study before taking it. I don't have the book, I'm just doing an, "at home self study session." Hope to hear from you soon. Any information you can give me; I'd appreciate. Thanks!
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  3. by   mzjaerock
    Took the test, now I know what to expect.
  4. by   Liz2013
    Hey I take mines in two weeks.
    Any tips on how to study or whats going to be on the test.
    Any help would be appreciated,
  5. by   mzjaerock
    I'm not sure if you've already taken it, but I just noticed your post. It basically was Reading, Writing, Science, and Math. Reading and Writing were basic; Science was mostly the Blood and it's functions; and Math was basically fractions, ratios, percentages, and measurements. Hopefully this helps you out!