Job outlook in West Palm Beach area

  1. I am moving to WPB to start the FNP program at Nova.
    What is the job situation out there, I have looked at some of the hospitals and don't seem like much available. What about rehab facilities and such?
    Do any of the hospitals in the area do 8hr shifts?

    Also, does anyone have recommendations for good and safe and kid friendly neighborhoods in the WPB area?
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  3. by   nursenora1
    West palm beach have many jobs. You may want to look at per diem jobs because they are more flexible and pay more in west palm. There are many rehabs up there that hire a lot of nurses. Congrats in starting the FNP program at NSU. How do you like it so far? I'm thinking about applying for the spring 2013 term for the rn to msn, specializing in the FNP track.
  4. by   nomadrn2013
    I too, am thinking of applying to the program. Did you and how is it going?