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Job Hunting in Tampa, FL

  1. 0 Great day, fellow nurses! I just received my FL License, and I'm about to start to be one of those who are having difficulties searching for jobs and opportunities. I am a foreign graduate nurse who had a couple of years of hospital experience and clinical teaching. I am currently in the Tampa Bay area, and trying to find a decent hospital to start off for an experience within the city. What hospital/s would you guys suggest? I barely have information on how to start off my applications and stuff since I just arrived here in the US for just a few months. So, suggestions/ recommendations badly needed Thank you so much!!!
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    No suggestions for you, but I'm also hunting for Home Health in the Tampa area. Thought I'd tag into your thread.
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    Hey guys, I am also a new grad in Tampa. I have been looking since August and its been a no go for any of the hospitals in the area, including St Pete and Clearwater. Although I got an email today saying that Florida Hospital is starting an RN Residency Program down here. I e-mailed the lady in charge but havent gotten any more information. If you google Florida Hospital Carrolwood you can find the application there.

    I've heard that its easier to get into LTC here in Tampa and then move to the hospital setting after having 6months of experience under your belt (at least). Ive applied to two LTC, one in St Pete and one in S Tampa and both called me right away for interviews.

    Good luck in your search...I'd love to help if I can, if you have any other questions!
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    Just wondered if you had any luck with the places you listed for the interviews. I am moving down in a couple of months.
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    Quote from showe2
    Just wondered if you had any luck with the places you listed for the interviews. I am moving down in a couple of months.
    I did end up getting two different invites to interview at two LTC/rehab centers, one in South Tampa and another in St Petersburg. I took the job that was best for me and I have been there almost 4 months now - and even with just those 4 months so many new contacts have been opened to me and hopefully a position within a hospital will come knocking on my door here soon! Good luck and if you need any other info feel free to write me a PM.
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    Any recommendations on where to start looking? I am planning to blast out several applications this weekend. Moving to Florida in May. What seems to be the highest in demand right now in that area?