January 2013 Teco LPN program

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    Just got accepted to lpn program at Teco in kissimmee beginning January 2013. Curious who else will be in this program?

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    Congratulations on receiving your acceptance letter!
    I am in the part-time evening class and just about to graduate (April 30th 2013).
    I wish you all the best and hope that your year goes by fast!
    If you have any questions feel free to post I will try to answer them as best I can!
    and again Congrats! TECO's LPN program is a hard one but so worth it in the end!
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    I was accepted to the jan 2013 class as well. So excited and nervous :-)
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    Congrats to you both!
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    Grats! I just graduated a couple weeks ago, and I miss it already! If anyone wants my books for super cheap, shoot me a message on here.
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    Can you give me any insight to the program? Did you work thru the program? I am interested in your books as well. Any info you can give me is very much appreciated!!!
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    Hi, congrats! Im excited but very nervous too! Are you going to be working during the program? This is a huge concern of mine!
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    Krismt23, no I won't be working during the program.
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    I would love whatever insight you could give on the program. Also, I know you are in the part time program, but curious if you are working as well. If so, how hard is it to juggle both? Bet you are glad to be almost done.
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    I did work two jobs while doing the full-time program, but I would NOT recommend it. Everyone else who worked failed out within the first six months, and the only reason I was able to do it was because I have an exceptional memory (as in, borders on photographic). Plan on at least not working for the first few months, because in the beginning, the pace is insane and you are studying for different courses at the same time. Once you know your limits, then you can decide whether working is feasible.

    Understand that you MUST study, study hard and study in different ways in order to pass. There are no off days, and there is no "bombing" one test and making up for it later, because you must have a B average to even be eligible to take finals. Cramming doesn't work, simply reading doesn't work, passive techniques like reading don't work. You MUST incorporate other techniques like group discussion, flashcards, writing/quizzing, and then be prepared to have the material presented in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MANNER on the test. Yes, I can remember large segments of the textbook, but on exams, everything is presented in situational terms that require lots of critical thinking. I'm gonna make a "what to expect post" after this, because there is so much to know!

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