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Jacksonville University Fall '13 Hopefuls

  1. 0 Anyone applying for at JU for the fall 2013 semester!? I sent my application WAYYY ahead of time (think 2/20/2013 lol). I'm going for the transfer program.
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    I'm from the Jacksonville area too. I hope you get in!! I hear JU has a great program expensive too lol
    I graduated from nursing school last year from a different school, but I have a friend who's currently in the RN program.
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    Quote from carsm3
    Anyone applying for at JU for the fall 2013 semester!? I sent my application WAYYY ahead of time (think 2/20/2013 lol). I'm going for the transfer program.
    I hope everything goes well!! Do you know when you should start hearing something? I just got accepted to the Summer transfer program. I have a friend that goes and they love the school! I'm hoping to get an amazing experience out of JU.
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    They just emailed to schedule my interview today! I scheduled it for next Tuesday at 2:15 pm. I will have a decision by June 15th. I work in the ICU in my local trauma center and I have talked with a couple of JU students there doing their clinicals. They say that they LOVE it! The woman who scheduled my interview said there are about 150 applicants and 35 seats to fill. I WANT to be one of those 35 seats SO bad! I know it's expensive but I don't even care one bit. I just want to be a nurse so bad I will do whatever it takes! Can you tell me a little bit about how your interview was? How many people? What did they ask? Etc. Thanks!!
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    I applied for the transfer program and received the email to confirm my interview. I am still waiting to find out exactly when it is. Really hope I get selected as well. What GPA do you have? From what I heard, the average for last fall was a 3.77 and I have a 3.83 overall and a 4.0 for prerequisites. Finishing up my A.A this semester and have all A's as of right now so I hope it will be enough if my interview goes well.
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    Any one have any updates on their interviews? I had mine on the 8th at ll:15 and felt like it went really well. It was very relaxed and wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Best of luck to everyone who applied.
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    I am going for the fall 2013 transfer program after being waitlisted for the Summer second degree program. Hoping and praying I get in this time around. We should hear something by June 15th right? Sooooo nervous!!
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    The clock is ticking! Acceptance/denial letters should go out on or before June 15th! I've been checking the mail religiously.
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    Well I didn't get in! :-( I'm sad, I must admit. But I am looking at this as a minor setback for a major comeback!! I won't give up. Now to figure out which way to go now. Carsm3 any news yet?
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    Do you know where you were on the wait list over the summer?