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Hi all, I'm from New York and moving to Tampa, Florida when i finished May of next year. I heard that the starting salary for fresh grad is $18 - $20/hr in Tampa or around $35k/year. I'm currently working in the Doctor's... Read More

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    Another thing to consider is that when you move to Florida, you will get an automatic pay raise!! How?? FLorida does not have a state income tax. so whatever money you are paying in state income tax (ie:6%), will automatically go into your pocket here in Florida. When I moved from Michigan to Florida, the salary was lower, but my take home pay was essentially that same as in Michigan.

    Good luck

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    I've heard Tampa General is a great place to work.They have a good trauma level 1,burn floor,etc.All the major stuff there.i live in a little town.All of our major cases are sent over there to TG.Don't know much about the pay rate for a new grad.some friends that are nurses in the area told me it is somewhere in the 18 and change range until you have a couple years experience.
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    Check out is right between Orlando and Tampa, but is much smaller and less can be to a beach in less than 1hr and to Disney in 30 min...I love it!!!

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