Is Chamberlain College of Nursing (Miramar FL) reputable?

  1. 0 Hi, I'm currently a pre-nursing student at Florida International University aka FIU in Miami Fl. I'm looking for other nursing schools to apply to because I really don't feel that I'm going to get accepted into FIU. So I did some research and I discovered Chamberlain. I went to their campus and spoke with an adviser and everything and it "appears" to be a good school and I'm interested. However it's a little pricey and I'm concerned on whether or not it is reputable. It's not like Everest, Keiser, Concorde or Florida Career College is it?? Because I have been told to stay far away from those places by professionals in the field and I really don't want to waste anymore time and money chasing after a BSN in nursing. So can any current students, former students or any Health Care Professional please share your experiences from this school and if they truly prepare their nurses for the field and if it was an easy process getting hired? Thank you.
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    Hey BabyGurl2Shawty,

    Yes! They are reputable and accredited for all of their programs.This was also one of the things that worried me but I confirmed it online and with my advisor. They are not like the schools above which are technical schools. Chamberlain is part of a university so you are definitely getting a good education. They have NCLEX pass rate of 97% which is great. The only thing is that they are very pricey but which nursing program isn't.

    They don't just accept anybody because I know of a couple people who got turned down. They are just addressing the limited amount of seat many universities have when it comes to nursing. Most have about 90 seats and there are way more qualified nurses out there.

    I would definitely recommend Chamberlain college of Nursing and best of luck.
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    Thank you so much, I'm studying the HESI now && hope to be enrolled by January.
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    They have rolling admissions so the next one is October & Wish You The Best !
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    If you dont mind me asking,Do you have an idea why some people was turn down, since i know its a new campus, and they dont have that many students. their first class havent graduated yet. How many students they will take this october? Also hows the program over there. I already turn in my application, got the hesi score of 76.86 overall, but my advisor told me she look at only the math/english/reading, which make me have a 82%, have a 2.9GPA.

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