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    Hi.Anyone out there applying for fall 2013? There are changes this semester and was wondering if anyone knows what kind of score we may need on the NLN to have a chance at a spot. The application packets aren't available yet and I'm getting anxious! Anyone know when the will put them out?

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    I found the application doing a Google search. It doesn't show the scores that are really needed, but if you look back at the other forums you can get an idea. It really depends on the scores of all the applicants that are applying that term. The booklet shows they are not counting the same classes as they did before. They are only counting Micro and A&P with labs plus the NLN. If you find out any other changes please keep me informed; I'd appreciate it. I am going to the info session on Thursday, so hopefully that will clear up a lot of questions.


    Here's the link

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    I thought you needed a minimum NLN score of 150. App is available after the 15th of this month. They are probably still working on it. I'd give it another week.
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    Wow! A 150 minimum on NLN? That's high! I know people who got in with way less then that last semester. When did they up the requirements? I will have a hard time getting in then because I do not have all my pre-req points. Regina, how did you find that packet? It's not on the IRSC site is it?
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    Also, how is the composite score derived from the raw score? In other words, how can we use our practice test scores to determine what our score would have been had it been the real thing?
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    I thought that was the score they said. I went to the january info session and they said it was the first time they were discussing the new changes. Maybe it was the first time the presenter was dispersing the info, i don't know. That was when they realized the website wasn't updated and tyhen they postponed the application release. They also said in order to get in you had to have a&p 1 and micro graded with As and Bs to stand a chance.
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    I just googled IRSC nursing program and it showed up on the list.
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    Just saw on website that they are opening the application process March 4. That means we only have 2 or 3 days to take the NLN if we want the oppertunity to take it again since you need to wait 6 months 1 day.
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    @ Explorerone ... You will only have one opportunity to take the NLN for the Class starting this Fall ... 6 months from now they will have already sent out acceptance letters. If you haven't already done so ...Buy the NLN Review guide - it is worth the investment! Good Luck!
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    Hi Regina! I can't believe they changed the point system! You were a sure bet by the old system ... crossing my fingers for you. Wish I could give you some advice ... but I have no idea now that things have changed. Keep me updated ... e-mail/text if you still have my info...

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